Uniting the Downtown Community

Four-Point Approach


By following the Main Street Four-Point Approach: organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring, Main Street programs have been responsible for the revitalization of commercial corridors and communities.

Arcata Main Street Board Sub-Committees
Economic Restructuring Committee
Josh Neff
  • Continue Arcata Downtown Business Watch and other programs

  • Focus on Business Assistance and Development, Barriers to Success 

  • Develop Seminars and Speakers to help stimulate business in Arcata

  • Develop Campaigns for continued Economic Success

  • Contact Josh for further details.

Design Committee
Dan Tangney, Chair
  • Focus on Events and Plaza Use 

  • Overseeing the Oyster Festival

  • Organizing Decorations for the Season of Wonder and Light

  • Organizing Planters on the Plaza

Organization Committee
Jenny Kukuk
  • Focus on Organization Structure, Partnerships, Membership

  • Continue Arcata Downtown Business Watch and other programs that promote safety and community

Promotions Committee
Victoria Joyce, Chair 

The Promotions Committee focuses on Special Events, Arcata Main Street Branding, and promoting Businesses.


It's a fun, active committee.  We coordinate with our Events and Marketing Director to produce regularly scheduled Arcata Main Street promotions such as:


  • ​Explore the Plaza/Pizza Feed for incoming HSU dorm students in August

  • Arcata Bay Oyster Festival

  • Trick or Treating on the Plaza in October

  • Season of Wonder and Light in December 

  • Dia de los Muertos in November

  • My Favorite Lecture series

  • HSU Preview Coupons in the Spring.


Meeting times are planned around the various promotions. Please the Arcata Main Street Office, 822-4500, or Victoria Joyce, at 822-3450 (Bubbles).