Board Meeting Agenda:

  • Agendas posted below aim to be as current as possible.

  • Some portions of the meeting may be closed to the public to discuss matters of personnel or otherwise sensitive information regarding members. Attendees may be asked to vacate for a portion of the meeting.

  • The first 15 minutes is available for attendees to make a statement or present information. These time slots are 5 minutes per person, unless arranged prior to the meeting with the Board President. 

  • Attendees are not permitted to speak or comment during the meeting unless asked to do so. 

Agenda AMS Board Meeting

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

12 Noon


  1. Call meeting to order. Introductions. Approve minutes. Financial update.

  2. Presentation by Jane Woodward, Chair of the City’s Economic Development Committee.  Discussion of joint Economic Development Committee and Downtown Merchants. 

  3. Discussion of Decorating for Season of Wonder and Light in 2020.

  4. Goals for City 2020-21.  Suggestions for helping/promoting business in Arcata.

  5. Vicky to report on California Main Street membership.   

  6. Items from the floor: Carrie’s new hours. 


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