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Agenda Thursday, 8/23/18

AMS Office

5:30 pm



  1. Call to order.  Approve minutes. Go over Financial Statement.  

  2. Old Business:

  • Oyster Festival Feedback; Set up a study session;

  • Downtown Business Meeting at Plaza View Room.  Review of last meeting. Is this a good place to discuss road closures?

  • Feedback from Road Closure survey.

     3. Events Summer/Fall: We have lots of events as you can see. Jeanette will need help with these and also, it is important for the Downtown and the public to be able to see us and interact with us.  As a Board, we need to have a presence. Can we set up a schedule so at least one Board Member will help set up and participate in an event?

  • HSU Explore Arcata (11-2pm) and HSU Back to School Music on the Plaza (3-8pm) Saturday 8/18              

  •     Sunday Fun Day Sunday 8/26 from 12-4pm.  I need help setting up and taking down.

  •     Sunday Live Music on the Plaza 9/2 (Sponsored by Arcata Exchange) from 1:30-4:30.

  •     First Friday Music 9/7 from 2-8 pm

  • Arts!Arcata and HSU Downtown Block Party 9/14 from 6-9 pm. 

  • Trick or Treating Around the Plaza Wednesday 10/31 from 6-8 pm

  • Day of the Dead Friday 11/2 from 6-8 pm

  • Small Business Saturday 11/24

  • Season of Wonder and Light: Various activities 11/24-12/24. We need a Board member to volunteer to be on the committee.  Can we arrange Board Members to put up the lights? If not, can Board Members be responsible for finding volunteers?

 4.  Board Elections.  

  5.  New Board Members:Review our procedure and timeline for new members.

  6.  Review of 2018 Events and discussion of 2019 events.  Do we want to continue our events? This will require a budget review.

  7.  Honoring our Sponsors.