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Oyster Fest 2019


We will proudly feature award-winning, locally-crafted beer and wine on 3 sides of the Plaza for Oyster Fest 2019.


TOKENS and a WRISTBAND are required to drink alcohol. They are available at any of the beverage token booths located at the corners of 8th & G St, and 9th & H St. Save money and time by PURCHASING TOKENS and STEEL CUPS ONLINE IN ADVANCE, then just pick them up at WILL CALL (along with your wristband) at the corner of 8th & G Street on festival day.


                                                                Beer taps will flow smoothly and efficiently with our improved system,

                                                                and will be open from 10:30 am until 4:30pm, with last call at 4:00pm.

                                                                The festival will be open from 10am until 5:30pm. 


                                                               $6 token for a beer.

                                                               At this year's Oyster Fest we are proud to be showcasing craft beer from

                                                               SeaQuake brewery.  SeaQuake Brewery is a small craft brewery from

                                                               Crescent City.


                                                                          Humboldt County is home to several distinct and delicious wines,

                                                                          many utilizing grapes cultivated from our own fertile soils. Enjoy

                                                                          perfect pairings with the food you will find throughout the Plaza.

                                                                          Wine booths will be on the west, north, and east sides of the

                                                                          Plaza. $6 token for a pour. 


                                                                          Oyster Festival 2019 will feature fine wines from Trinity River                                                                                    Vineyards.  Trinity River Vineyards is a environmentally focused

                                                                          winery located in Willow Creek, California.


                                                                          Cider taps will flow from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm.  You can find cider at

                                                                          the cider and wine booths located on the West, North, and East

                                                                          Sides of the plaza.  $6 token for a cider. 

                                                                          You can delight in the tastes of Humboldt Cider at Oyster Fest

                                                                          2019.  Humboldt Cider is a  small craft cider company located in

                                                                          Eureka, Ca.  Oyster Fest will feature special limited edition cider                                                                               brewed for the event. 


                                   Find fresh, purified water and hydration stations throughout the Plaza, thanks to

                                   Arcata's New World Water and their new location on 11th St.


                                   Not only can you get water at every beer and wine booth, but this year we have new a   

                                   multi-tap drinking fountain with purified water at the corner of H & 8th Street where 

                                   you can also refill your water bottles.

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761 8th Street, Suite C

Arcata, CA 95521

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