3:00-4:00pm       Kathé Lyth, Harpist

4:00-5:00pm       Good Company

5:00-5:30pm       Costume Contest

                             Winners Announced and

                             Fairy Fanfare procession

                             around the plaza! 

5:30-6:15pm       Good Company

6:15-6:30pm       Ya Habibi Dance Company

6:30-8:00pm       Black Magdalene

8:15-9:30pm       Stellamara

9:30-9:50pm       Circus of the Elements

                             Fire Dance Performance

10:00pm             Close of Festival

Storytelling Stage

3:00-3:30pm       Damion Sharpe, Into the Magic, Interactive Improv Theater

3:30-3:45pm       Rabia of the Roshni Centre with Scottish Storytelling

3:45-4:00pm       Opal Street Dance Improvisation The'Arte – Bianca Brzezinski & RJ Roush

4:00-4:15pm       Usbourne Book Storytime!

4:15-4:30pm       Trish the Dish – author of Zephrum Gates

4:30pm               Gather for the Costume Contest!

4:45pm               Costume Contest, Sponsored by Ultimate Yogurt

5:00-5:30pm       Costume Contest Winners Announced on the Enchantment Stage
                              followed by the Fairy Fanfare procession around the plaza! 

5:30-5:45pm       Poetry & Spoken Word -  Nick Vasquez

5:45-6:00pm       Rabia of the Roshni Centre with Scottish Storytelling

6:00-6:30pm       Seabury Gould, music and storytelling!

6:30-6:45pm       Poetry & Spoken Word by Nick Vasquez

6:45-7:15pm       Damion Sharpe, Into the Magic, Interactive Improvisational Theater

Enchantment Stage


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