Fairy House

& Artwork Exhibit

Fairy House Fairy Queen Isadora will rule over the land of Fairy Houses at our festival.

If you have a fairy house you would love to share with the world, please bring it! 

This year we are having an Exhibit to inspire and dazzle rather than a contest.
Let us know if you would like to do a contest next year!

Info dance@shoshannaland.com | 707.616.6876


  • 4 categories:  CHILD (under 10 yrs) | TEEN (11-17 yrs) | ADULT (+18 yrs) | GROUP (team working together) 

  • Please bring your fairy house to the plaza at 3:15pm ready to set on a table, or roll it in (wheelbarrow? wagon?) and it may stay in its rolling display. Our tables won’t be set up until 3:15pm. We will be in the Earth Element section of the plaza. 

  • We will have a Fairy House Curator (Isadora) overseeing and supervising the exhibit, but we recommend securely affixing or not including really valuable or delicate accessories. 

ARTWORK - Hanging Artwork 

  • Bring your family-friendly all-ages-appropriate whimsically themed hanging artwork to hang on our standing art walls near the Fairy House gallery in the Earth Element section of the plaza!  

  • 4 categories:  CHILD (under 10 yrs) | TEEN (11-17 yrs) | ADULT (+18 yrs) | GROUP (team working together) 

  • If you have a 3-D sculpture, heavy or larger work you would like to share or showcase please let us know and we will find a way celebrate your work!


  • Fairy House and ART exhibits are 3:15-7:15pm, then you have an option of removing your piece OR pieces not taken at that time will be part a condensed exhibit during the Twilight Ball and will need to stay until 9:30pm.
    If your piece has lights this is a perfect time to show them off! Fairy houses and art must be removed by the end of the festival at 10:00pm.

  • Not responsible for artwork left at the exhibit after 10pm! 

  • Bring an index card with your name and title of your artwork or fairy house!

  • All Fairy House and hanging Artwork artists (except children under 10) agree to volunteer supervising the Fairy House & Artwork Exhibit for one 30 minute shift per entry. It will be fun and you might want to be there longer!

  • We are excited to share your work and creativity... if you have bigger art please let us know! 

  • If your Fairy House or artwork is for sale it will be clearly marked and 15% of the proceeds will go to CASA. 

  • One form per entry. We will accept submissions until full... best to turn it in early! There is limited gallery space. 

Fairy Houses


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