Arts! Arcata 2020

Arts! Arcata, produced by Arcata Main Street and the downtown community, is a great opportunity to meet local artists and enjoy being downtown at a safe, family friendly year-round community event.


​The free, self-guided, public art phenomenon brings together art lovers and community friends each and every month on the 2nd Friday, from 6-9pm. It transforms downtown Arcata into an arts district, featuring the work of dozens of visual artists and live musicians at several locations. The event is free to the public and many locations stay open late offering guests wine, beer and sometimes snacks for a donation towards local non-profit organizations.

Artist information on the listings and artist bios, photos, and more will be submitted as individual months and listed on our Facebook page, in The Mad River Union, Times-Standard, and North Coast Journal also publish a "full" list. It will also be added to the Lost Coast Outpost, KHSU and the Lumberjack. The promotion/media deadlines below are strict and put forth by the media groups in which we publish. We have no power to change the deadlines for any reason.

Interested in being a part of Arts! Arcata? We encourage local artists, musicians, and businesses to participate, and there is no charge to be included in our marketing.

SHOW INFORMATION FORM - Scroll down and fill out the form below. Submitting a form will add you to our email list to receive reminders in the fututre. Please call us if you have questions. (707) 822-4500 

CONNECT WITH OTHERS - To facilitate venues, artists, musicians and non-profit organizations finding each other to produce shows, we created a private group page on Facebook where participants can share what they are looking for. Go to that page, ask to join and we'll add you. Don't do Facebook? Give us a call or fill in the contact form and we'll see if we can help.

WINE POURING - Venues and non-profit organizations - you need to have an ABC permit if you plan to pour wine. Stores can not pour or sell wine themselves - it has to be a non-profit organization asking for donations. It's up to the venues and the non-profit to arrange who buys the wine and pays the $50 permit.  Download this ABC permit/ form and submit it at least 1-2 weeks prior to the event at Eureka's ABC Office, with your check. 

PHOTOS - We would love to include artist photos! Please send us one or two high-resolution photos for the editors to choose from. You may email them to

We send a complete list of the basic listings every month to the media, including:

Upcoming Dates and Press Deadlines:

Deadline: January 2nd 2020

Date: January 10th 2020

Deadline: February 5th 2020

Date: February 14th 2020

Deadline: March 4th 2020

Date: March 13th 2020

Deadline: April 1st 2020

Date: April 10th 2020

Deadline: April 29th 2020

Date: May 8th 2020

Deadline: June 3rd 2020

Date: June 12th 2020

Deadline: July 1st 2020

Date: July 10th 2020

Deadline: August 5th 2020

Date: August 14th 2020

Deadline: September 2nd 2020

Date: September 11th 2020

Deadline: September 30th 2020

Date: October 9th 2020

Deadline: November 4th 2020

Date: November 13th 2020

Deadline: December 2nd 2020

Date: December 11th 2020

Deadline: December 30th 2020

Date: January 8th 2021


Please let us know if you have other questions. We hope you join us and explore the full potential of this monthly arts celebration!


761 8th Street, Suite C

Arcata, CA 95521

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